You are invited to participate in
The ХX
ІІІ International Festival of
Children’s Creativity

The idea of the festival is "The rebirth of the national culture via children’s art".
The theme of the festival is "To show our talents to the world".
The event is held in the village of Rybakivka, Berezanskyi district, tourist complex "Chornomor", Mykolayiv region (on the Black Sea shore).
Terms: June, 27–July, 03, 2022:
⦁ 27.06.2022 – arrival of the contestants;
⦁ 27.06.2022 – grand opening of the festival;
⦁ 28.06.2022 – 30.06 – qualifying round;
⦁ 30.06.2022 – 02.07.2022 – operation of the International school "The Academy of pedagogical creativity";
⦁ 02.07.2022 – Gala-concert, closing of the festival;
⦁ 03.07.2022 – departure of the contestants.
The sequence of the festival holding
The deadline for submitting the application forms for the contestants in the festival - June 27, 2022 (the application form is attached).
* The contest is held in three age categories:
І category - 5 – 10 years old;
ІІ category - 11– 14 years old;
ІІІ category - 15 – 18 years old.
* According to the results of the elimination tours the Gala-concert and the display of festival winners’ works on decorative and applied arts are held.
• For those wishing to take part in the grand opening concert of the festival, the organizing committee proposes to prepare an item of the gig that is not included in their competition program, indicate the title in the application form and be sure to send the video or audio performance to be viewed by the stage director of the concert and to wait till the confirmation comes.
The contestants’ awarding (on nominations)
The Grand-prix winners of the festival
are awarded with the diplomas, a statue "Zolotyi Leleka” and a stuffed toy is a symbol of the festival.
І, ІІ, ІІІ prizes winners are awarded with the diplomas and a stuffed toy is a symbol of the festival.
All the contestants are awarded with the diplomas and a stuffed toy is a symbol of the festival.
The Festival nominations
Choreographic Art
(A folk, classical, variety and ball dance).
- A solo performance
- ensembles (from 2 contestants)
One item only is represented for the contest.
The musical accompaniment may be under the phonogram or live music.
The duration of the performance is up to 5 minutes.
Evaluation criteria:
- originality
- level of artistic and professional performance
- scenic culture
Musical art
* solo singing:
- folk;
- academic;
- variety.
* vocal ensembles.
At the contest the solo singing phonograms (minus) made on the high professional level in audio format - МР-3 may be used. The performance of the musical items under the phonogram (plus) is prohibited.
* playing musical instruments:
- solo performance;
- ensembles (2 – 8 performers)
- orchestras.
The musical items are performed without phonograms (live voice).
The artistic – creative teams, solo singers perform one item.
The duration of the performance is up to 7 minutes.
Evaluation criteria:
- originality of the performance of the contest item
- level of performance
- performance culture
- scenic image (for solo performers)
Theatrical art
For the jury judgment the following nominations are presented:
- a one-act performance (the duration is not more than 30 minutes);
- reciters (two different in type works (a poem, a monologue, a fable, an extract from some prose). The duration of the performance is up to 5 minutes.
Evaluation criteria:
- acting mastership
- scenic language
- direction
- music arrangement
- costume, make up
Literature creativity
For the jury judgment the following genres are represented separately:
- prose
- poetry
- theatrical screenplay (scenario)
Authors of original items are invited for the contest (verses, stories, sketches, essays.
Different in genres original items having arbitrary themes, stylistics and performance technique may be represented for the contest.
Languages of the contest – Ukrainian, Russian, English.
The item must be arranged as a single document in format (.doc), (.docx). The file name is the name of the contestant (for example, Iванов.doc). The first page must include the surname, name and patronymic of the contestant, age, the name of the institution, where he/she is studying, city/town.
Then – the name of the item (work), nomination and the item/items (work/works).
Participants send their item (work) up to June, 10 to the email of the festival:

Literary items are represented for the jury judgment if the participant has paid an entrance fee or prepaid fee to participate in the festival is made.
Fashion theatres / Fashion shows
For the consideration of the jury 1 collection in the form of a mini-play or a show are presented. The duration of the competition program is up to 10 minutes.
Evaluation criteria:
- completeness and expressiveness of the disclosure of collections;
- disclosure and brightness of artistic images, performance level;
- scenicity (plastic, costume, culture of execution);
- artistic design.
Drawing and painting, graphics
I. The contestants present 2 works in the format А2-А4, designed according to the exhibition display.
II. The creative item is made on the festival (28.06-29.06) in open-air conditions by own equipment and instrument(s) and own material. (The previous readiness of the festival competition work can be 50 %.)
According to the results of the festival the display of items is held.
Evaluation criteria:
- originality
- artistry
- compositional perfection of the item
- variety of methods and techniques
- completeness of theme disclosure
- performing mastership
Decorative and applied arts
I. The contestants present two works on one of the branches of decorative and applied arts.
II. The creative item is made on the festival on the appropriate branch of decorative and applied arts (28.06-29.06) in open-air conditions by own equipment and instrument(s) and own material. (The previous readiness of the festival competition work can be 50 %.).
According to the results of the festival the exhibition display of items is held.
Evaluation criteria:
- originality
- artistry
- compositional perfection of the item
- variety of methods and techniques
- completeness of theme disclosure
- performing mastership
Photo Art
I. Two photos are represented for the contest designed according to exhibition display.
II. During the festival a photo art item is performed on the following themes:
- portrait
- landscape
- objects of wildlife
- photo smile (fairytale or comedy photo)
- freestyle
According to the results of the festival the exhibition display of the participants’ works is held.
Public project creativity
Nomination "I am the leader”

The nomination was introduced as an answer to the challenges of the present day, in connection with the fact that children and young people are increasingly concerned about the social issues — environment, human rights protection, vital values and the future of the country.
The project is presented to the contest, contains author's ideas, has a socially-motivated significance and provides the result. It will last 2-3 days in the conditions of the festival in real time.
The project is developed in one of the directions:
- "Eco is not fashionable! Eco is important!" (eco-conscious behavior, waste management, promoting a healthy lifestyle and caring for the environment);
- "Ukraine. Independence. 30 years" (my vision of a successful country; I am a Ukrainian, a citizen, a patriot; what does it mean to be independent?);
- "Life is the highest value" (10 values of today, prevention of burling and cyberbulling, safe Internet).
ATTENTION! The ideas and stages of the own project should be sent in the form of an annotation along with the application to participate in the e-mail address of the festival:
The following information should be noted in the annotation: the name of the contest/nomination, the theme and purpose of the project, stages and conditions of realization, expected results.
The number of team members is not limited. Multimedia support is provided by organizers of the festival and teams provide all other equipment, requisites, etc. necessary for the project realization independently.
Projects are developed with observance of academic integrity (it is strictly forbidden to use texts of other people or ideas of design (in whole or in part)). If this condition is not met, the work is rejected from further participation in the competition.
Evaluation criteria:
- originality;
- relevance;
- variety of methods and techniques;
- completeness of theme disclosure;
- motivation attractiveness (saturation);
- performing mastership.
Scientific and technical creativity
The jury will consider three works of scientific and technical creativity, which are made during the festival, kites of certain categories:
- flat, geometric shape;
- mini-kite;
- air-shaped kite.
The team consists of three participants and the team leader.
Team leaders are responsible for observing safety precautions for children’s life and health. Each team must provide stable flights and material for the production of their kites.
Kites must comply with the safety regulations. The total score of the team consists of the sum of points collected by the participants at the stand review and in field tests at the launch of kites.
Field tests are carried out after the production of kites and bench evaluation. Starting time is determined by the judge depending on weather conditions and number of participants.
Evaluation criteria:
Scoring points during bench evaluation (only for kites made with their own hands, not bought):
- one color - 1 points;
- coloured - 3 points;
- picture (application, images of man, animals, birds) - 5 points;
- the quality and skill of the collection of wooden raks - 3 points;
- plastic, carbon, aluminum - 5 points.
Participants are awarded additional points for the duration and quality of the flight during field tests:
- keep in the air independently - 5 points;
- with the help of an assistant - 3 points;
- overcoming the whole corridor of the flight - 5 points;
- stay in the air - 3 minutes - 3 points.
The participant has two attempts to get the highest point on the first flight on the corridor.

The organizing committee has the right to keep the work made on the festival for its needs. The rest of the works made on the festival are given back to the author.
For the participants of the festival master classes from leading specialists and jury members are held on:
- Decorative and applied arts
- Acting mastership
- Choreography
- Vocal (Solo singing)
Dear leaders of the groups and the contestants of the festival!
Within the framework of the festival from 30.06 to 02.07.2022 the work of the International School "The Academy of Pedagogical Creativity" (APC) will be held.
The program of the school of pedagogical work includes master classes, trainings, individual consultations by the leading scientists and speakers in the field of practice of pedagogics, psychology and artistic and aesthetic education of Ukraine and abroad.
During the work of APC it is planned to hold SCIENTIFIC – METHODICAL STUDIO "Information and analytical competency of a pedagogue is the way to professional success” from leading specialists of SNEE "The University of the management of education of Ukraine”.
Upon the completion, the participants receive a certificate of participation indicating the number of hours they listened.
Participants of APC define individually their term of lodging (accommodation) (both for the period of APC and the whole festival).
Organizing fee for the participation in APC is 400 UAH and is paid during the registration or to the fee account.
The agenda of the festival involves everyday entertainment activities. The contestants are recommended to have some items of fancy dresses, stage-properties, additional performances and phonograms for performances.
On contestants’ and guests’ initiative organizing committee may help to organize tours to Odesa and Mykolaiv. (please, on this occasion contact the festival coordinator Lyudmila Letunova , tel. +380999233231)
You are welcome to become familiar with the list of tours on the festival site
The transportation to the place of the festival and tour cost(s) are made at the contestants’ expenses.
The list of the contestants should be given in two forms:
- in an electronic form (e-mail:
⦁ on paper (if there is a discrepancy with the e-mail application form, or with the replacement of the contestants);
First name, Last name
Date of birth
Sex (M/F)
№ of the birth certificate or passport/ID card
Home address
Telephone(s) for contact
Be sure to list the accompanying persons with an indication (M / F), and optionally indicate the desire to be accommodated at the festival.
First name, Last name (in full), phone number, e-mail address of the leader(s) of the creative team should be listed at the end of the list.
Only the contestants staying in the tourist complex "Chornomor” are admitted to participate in nominations of the festival.
The cost of staying at the festival (accommodation and meals) from 27.06.2022 -03.07.2022 (6 days):

⦁ The cost of accommodation and meals (three times a day) is (depending on conditions) from 450 UAH to 850 UAH per day per person. Accordingly, the cost of the ticket for 6 days is from 2700 UAH to 5100 UAH.
⦁ Economy option:
- 450 UAH per day (per person) with partial conveniences, II strip from the sea (toilet and washbasin in the room, shower in a separate room on the floor) – the cost of a ticket for 6 days – 2700 UAH.
⦁ Standard option:
- 750 UAH (per person) with all conveniences, I strip from the sea – cost of a ticket for 6 days – 4500 UAH.
⦁ Suite option:
- rooms "Lux-Patio", "Two-room" (I strip from the sea). The number of such numbers is limited (each number can accommodate up to 4 persons). The cost of one number per day without meals is – from 1000-2200 UAH.
The cost of food – 300 UAH per day per person.
Please, pay attention, that beach equipment rent and tourist tax for adults are not included in the cost of accommodation. (1% of the cost of accommodation).
For creative team leaders flexible financial and special conditions are offered.

The registration fee per contestant is 500 UAH.
The registration fee per creative team is:
2-10 contestants – 450 UAH per contestant
11-20 contestants – 400 UAH per contestant
21and more contestants – 300 UAH per contestant
Payment(s) for accommodation, meals and participation can be made in cash and non-cash form.
For reservation the prepaid is mandatory from 30 to 60 % of the total accommodation and meals up to 20.06.2022
Telephone for contacts –
Fax (0512) – 22-13-29;

Anna Matveyeva (+380505309438) – General Director of the festival

Tetyana Mayboroda (+380505749093) – Executive Director of the festival - (information on the conditions of the festival application forms sending, reservations and accommodation of the participants).

Olena Bredneva (+380502497304) – Chief Director of the Festival, Administrator (information referring to the organization of the Contest Programme (agenda) on Scenic arts; Grand Opening of the festival, Gala Concert of the festival).

Natalia Lytvynenko (+380958858280) - Administrator (information referring to the organization of the Contest Programme (agenda) on Decorative and Applied Arts, Drawing and Painting)

Yaroslava Stemkovska (+380506541263) – head of International school "The Academy of pedagogical creativity”, coordinator of contacts with volunteers’ team.

Natalia Malina (+380989607561) – Coordinator of the Festival (information on the program of work of the festival; organization of the program of nomination "I am the leader!" and mass media)

Anna Bosyakova (+380639477030) - Administrator (information on the organization and program of the contest "Scientific and technical creativity”(kites))
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