You are invited to participate in
The ХXІ International Festival of
Children’s Creativity


The idea of the festival is the rebirth of the national culture via children’s art.

The theme of the festival is to show our talents to the world.

The event is held in the village of Rybakivka, Berezanskyi district, Mykolayiv region (on the Black Sea shore).

Terms: June, 25 –July, 02, 2018:
o 25.06.2018 - arrival of the contestants;
o 25.06.2018 - grand opening of the festival;
o 26.06.2018-30.06.2018 - elimination tours;
o 01.07.2018 - Gala-concert, closing of the festival;
o 02.07.2018 - departure of the contestants.

The sequence of the festival holding

The deadline for submitting the application forms for the contestants in the festival - June 24, 2018 (application form is attached).

* The contest is held in three age categories:
o І category - 5 – 10 years old;
o ІІ category - 11– 14 years old;
o ІІІ category - 15 – 18 years old.

* According to the results of the elimination tours the Gala-concert and the display of winners’ works on decorative and applied arts are held.
For those wishing to take part in the grand opening concert of the festival, the organizing committee proposes to prepare an item of the gig that is not included in their competition program, indicate the title in the application form and be sure to send the video or audio performance to be viewed by the stage director of the concert.

The contestants’ awarding (on nominations)

The Grand-prix winners of the festival are awarded with the diploma, a statue "Zolotyi Leleka” and presents.

І, ІІ, ІІІ prizes winners are awarded with the diploma and presents.

All the contestants are awarded with the diplomas.

The Festival nominations

Choreographic Art
(A folk, classical and pop dance).
- A solo performance
- ensembles (from 2 contestants)

Two performances are represented for the contest; one of them coincides with the theme of the festival. The musical accompaniment may be under the phonogram or live music.

The duration of the performance is up to 8 minutes.

Musical art

* solo singing: - folk;
- academic;
- pop.
* vocal ensembles.

At the contest the solo singing phonograms (minus) made on the high professional level in audio format - МР-3 may be used. The performance of the musical items under the phonogram (plus) is prohibited.

* playing musical instruments: - solo performance;
- ensembles (2 – 8 performers)
- orchestras.

The musical items are performed without phonograms (live voice).

The artistic – creative teams, solo singers perform two items (one is accordingly to the theme of the festival and the another one is for free choice).

The duration of the performance is up to 10 minutes.

Theatrical art

For the jury judgment the following nominations are presented:

- a one-act performance (the duration is not more than 1 hour);
- reciters (two different in type works (a poem, a monologue, a fable, an extract from some prose). The duration of the performance is up to 3 minutes.

Fashion theatres / Fashion shows

For the consideration of the jury 1-2 collections in the form of a mini-play or a show are presented. The duration of the competition program is up to 10 minutes.

Evaluation criteria:

- completeness and expressiveness of the disclosure of collections;
- disclosure and brightness of artistic images, performance level;
- scenicity (plastic, costume, culture of execution);
- artistic design.

Drawing and painting

The contestants present 2 works in the format А2-А4, designed according to the exhibition display.

Decorative and applied arts

The contestants present 2 works on one of the branches of decorative and applied arts.

The contest in nominations Painting, Graphics and Decorative and Applied Arts is held in two stages:

- an examination of the presented works (an exhibition mounting);
- performing of a creative task on genres in the open-air using the contestants’ own equipment, tools and material (for making pottery items the clay is handed in by the organizing committee).

According to the results of the festival the exhibition display of the winners’ works on nominations is held.

The author of the work represented for the contest must be present as the member of the delegation.


The organizing committee has the right to keep the work made on the festival for its needs. The rest of the works made on the festival are given back to the author.

Dear leaders of the groups and the contestants of the festival!

Within the framework of the festival from 28.06 to 01.07.2018 the work of the International School "The Academy of Pedagogical Creativity" will be held with the participation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The program of the school of pedagogical work includes lectures, master classes, trainings, individual consultations by the leading scientists in the field of history, theory and practice of pedagogics, psychology and artistic and aesthetic education of Ukraine and abroad.

Upon the completion, the participants receive a certificate of participation indicating the number of hours they listened.

Also, for the participants of the festival the following master-classes will be held by the leading experts and jury members:

- "Decorative and Applied Arts";
- "Acting skills";
- "Choreography".

The agenda of the festival involves everyday entertainment activities. The contestants are recommended to have some items of fancy dresses, stage-properties, additional performances and phonograms.

The transportation to the place of the festival is made at the contestants’ expenses.

The list of the contestants should be given in two forms:

- in an electronic form (e-mail:
- on paper (if there is a discrepancy with the e-mail application form, or with the replacement of the contestants);

First name, Last name

Date of birth

№ of the birth certificate or passport

Home address

Telephone(s) for contact

Be sure to list the accompanying persons with an indication (M / F), and optionally indicate the desire to be accommodated at the festival.

First name, Last name (in full). phone, e-mail address of the leader (s) of the creative team should be listed at the end.

The cost of staying at the festival (accommodation and meals: three meals a day) is 12 $, 16 $ and 20 $ (depending on conditions) per day per person (there are some options without meals). 

The registration fee per contestant is:

for one nomination – 18$
for two nominations – 13$

The registration fee per creative team is:

2-10 contestants -15 $ per contestant
11-20 contestants -13 $ per contestant
21and more contestants -11 $ per contestant

The registration fee for the group leader for 15 participants is free.

Telephone for contacts – 

Fax (0512) – 22-13-29 e-mail:

 Anna Matveyeva (+380505309438) – General Director of the festival

Tetyana Mayboroda (+380505749093) – Executive Director of the festival - (information on the conditions of the festival application forms sending, reservations and accommodation of the participants)

Olena Bredneva (+380502497304) – Chief Director of the Festival, Administrator (information referring to the organization of the Contest Programme (agenda) on Scenic arts; Grand Opening of the festival, Gala Concert of the festival)

Natalia Lytvynenko (+380958858280) - Administrator (information referring to the organization of the Contest Programme (agenda) on Decorative and Applied Arts, Drawing and Painting)

Yaroslava Stemkovskaya (+380506541263) - Coordinator of the International School "Academy of the Pedagogical Creativity "


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